I remember growing up around my aunts and uncles. Even if they didn’t live in the same town they always made a way to come home and visit. I have 3 uncles on my daddy’s side  (Bobby,Miles and Raven) and now even though he is the oldest, all his brothers have gone ahead of him. I cannot imagine the pain he must be going through losing someone closest to you. A best friend, a childhood playmate, a shoulder to lean on and someone that knows and shares all your memories. Love your family every chance you get because no one knows when you will be called home.

My uncle Raven was a unique man he had this smile that could light up a room. It stormed yesterday and my best friend said it was a sign that he was being welcomed home. So here’s to you Raven L. Johnson from your niece Vicki (grandma vicki ) as you always called me. I love you and hope to see you one day up beyond the clouds and through those pearly gates so until we meet again ………..spread those wings and fly high.