Rainy day lazy…the sound of tiny raindrops on the roof, water dripping down the side of the house. Quiet, peaceful some would say. Why do we run to get out of the rain but we sure love to get in the pool. Have you ever took a walk in the rain? I have and it was amazing so try it sometime. Nature is a beautiful thing so enjoy it.

Have a wonderful day

Raised in the boondocks

Maybe it sounds crazy but you really learn how to live when you don’t have alot of money. I did not realize until I became an adult that we didn’t have money growing up but I really didn’t miss it at all.

I still had what I needed and some of my wants and it was amazing. We had a garden, we cleaned our own yard, we even hung our clothes out on the clothesline, when my mom and grandma cooked it was left on the table for later and guess what we didn’t die eating it later.

What has changed our world so much?? Someone please enlighten me.

Have a blessed day people and don’t miss the chance to live and love.


The definition of this word means steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

 So I go to work everyday and there are two windows in my department so I get to see the sun, the sky, and the gorgeous colors of the night sky. Even though I enjoy this view from inside it is still very amazing and I am thankful for it. 

I have a little visitor everyday around the same time (5-6 pm) it is a little brown colored bird with an orange beak. Now many of you are probably wondering what does a bird have to do with this?? Well let me tell you, everyday this little bird flies to these two windows and is trying to get inside. It doesn’t realize the glass will not let him/her in. So with much PERSEVERANCE it comes back everyday unwavering in faith that maybe today will be the day it makes it through. I have thought about how the bird never gives up even though it hasn’t accomplished what it wants to do. That little bird is a great inspiration.

How is it that we (humans I mean) can give up so easily on what we want??? Maybe we need to be more like the little creatures of God. Never give up on your dreams no matter how hard it is or how long it takes. 

Have faith in yourself, never give up, find your passion and have the most amazing life ever. You only get one so do not waste it.




It is hard at times I know to understand love but first you must love yourself. Find out what you like, what makes you happy, the things you enjoy. whether its sitting on a beach enjoying the view or laying on the couch reading a book. no matter what it is we all need that time for ourselves. time to reflect, time to plan, time to listen to that little voice inside. Try new things if you like it then great if not you know better next time, right?? Life is not meant to be hard all the time. We as people sometimes make choices that cause this. So think on any decisions you make and remember there are consequences to everything.
We cannot truly love anyone else unless we love ourselves. So search your heart, find what makes you and fulfills you. Love you so others will too.